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May 16th, 2012 - U of B.C. Student Health achieves 1st and 2nd place!.

Canada Health Infoway recently had a contest where they recognized Innovative healthcare e-solutions. The Trailblazer Awards are part of the ongoing ImagineNation Outcomes Challenge. Clinics across Canada were encouraged to participate in this contest, with significant cash rewards for the winners.

We are very excited to announce that the University of British Columbia Student Health Services (Vancouver, B.C.) did very well in this competition.

They came in first for e-Scheduling and 2nd for Patient Access to Health Information.

The award was given to the top three teams in each challenge category, as chosen by a panel of more than 30 judges from across Canada. For each entry, judges reviewed a video and a written plan describing each team’s e-solution and how they plan to grow the use of their solution over the course of the Challenge, which ends in March 2013. Of course UBC used the JonokeMed™ solution with the WebButler.

To read more about the fantastic work that U of B.C. Student Health did click here.

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